To make certain our working relationship is a successful one, we should agree on certain standards and commitments to each other from the outset. Below is a list of our commitment to you as your taxation, accounting and business development consultants:


1.  We will think of your business as if it were our own and act only with its best interests in mind. Our only job is to make your business more valuable.


2.  In working toward that aim, we will be completely open, honest and up-front with you in everything we do for and with you.


3.  We will analyse your business using proven techniques, and we will continue our education so we can always be able to offer you more.


4.  We will be 100% truthful and realistic when discussing the profit improvement potential of your business and the work required to get you there.


5.  We will continue to work with you, side-by-side as your business advisor, not just your accountant. We'll be there to offer you the ongoing support you need and additional programmes to help you fully realise your goals.


6.  We will consider your tax planning, statutory requirements and financial matters including detailed projected Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Budgets to help keep your business on track.


7.  You will remain the sole judge of our performance. If there is something we've done or failed to do that you're not 100% delighted with simply let us know and we'll correct it immediately.


8.  We'll offer you common courtesies, such as returning your calls within 24 hours, and making sure you're aware of any fee for a particular service well before we undertake it for you.


And in return, your commitment is simple. There are a few things we ask of you to ensure your own success:


1.  For our relationship to be truly successful and for you to achieve greater profits, we ask that you fully commit to any consultancy work we do. It's important you do that with an open and inquiring mind. Remember too, we only make suggestions that we firmly believe will help achieve your goals - your profits, your lifestyle and building a greater, more saleable asset for you.


2.  Constantly be willing to take the next step. The truth is, to achieve levels of improvement in your businesses profits, change is very much a part of the process. So we ask that you agree to think, "How can we do that," "I'll make time," and even if you have your doubts, "Let's try it." More than anything else this will contribute enormously to our ability to improve your business together.


3.  In working toward these aims, we ask that you too commit to being completely open, honest and up-front with us in everything we do for and with you. Open communication, even about difficult subjects, is the only way to assure our success together.


4.  Understand we are a business too. Just as we'll tell you how important cash flow management is to achieving your goals, we must do the same. And so we ask you to commit to maintaining timely payments. This allows us to keep our work together on target.

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